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Owners of spiritual websites prefer to advertise and affiliate with sites of a similar nature. Below you will find a wide choice of such programs. Each program has been checked by us and found valuable. Programs which in our opinion do not serve spiritual development and growth (e.g. Psychic 900 numbers) will not be published here. All sites listed have independent affiliate programs.

Please bookmark this site to see the updates that we will add on a regular basis. For information on how to sign up to our affiliate program, please go here.

Alternative Health

Real Health Online

Real Health Online offers the 400-page ebook 'Hidden Secrets of Real Health'. Purchase of the book also grants access to the 'Real Health Club'.  Click here to learn more about the product. 

Real Health Online pays 35-40% commission on each sale and an additional 10% on second-tier sales. Payments to affiliates are made by PayPal, once a month. Sign Up Now


No programs available currently

New Age Products


Link to the World's largest poster and print store. This is not a spiritual site per se, however as they do have a large choice of spiritual prints and posters, this site is of value to any metaphysical site, as you can link to individual images. This way you can add image content to your site and at the same time offer your visitors spiritual posters and prints. 


Probable Future - Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

Anybody interested in developing their natural inborn psychic powers, and experience a quantum jump in consciousness awareness, will greatly benefit from doing the Courses of the Academy. By becoming more independent in their thinking, they also learn to manifest a better reality and a brighter future for themselves and for the benefit of all mankind.

By signing up as an affiliate with us you will be helping us reach more of one of the fastest growing markets on the internet: People looking for ways to greatly improve the quality of their lives by mastering powerful methods that would help decrease the constant daily stress bombardment due to our modern lifestyle and regain the ability to make their dreams come true by getting:

* the quality of health they crave for,
* the business they always dreamed of,
* the career or promotion they seek,
* the wealth they want to fulfill their dreams,
* the love, relationships, attention and respect they deserve.

The powerful and scientifically proven techniques used for 30 years by US and foreign intelligence agencies, commonly known as Remote Viewing (Psychic espionage), and the offshoot Remote Influencing Course (remote thought influencing) which Mr. Gerald O'Donnell developed, have proven in countless field experiments that the superpowers of the mind can easily be tapped in order to make these dreams come true. Remote Viewing greatly enhances the naturally inborn ability to tap the subconscious mind in order to become extremely intuitive and aware of places and events, no matter how distant in time and space they are.

Remote influencing allows you to become a Master at generating your own fate and future and not be subject anymore to and enslaved by the general "system" and mass consciousness. 

Affiliates earn 20% on their own sales and 5% on sub-affiliates sales. Payout minimum is US$ 100.-, payment is made by cheque. 

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The revenue program of PsychicWeb, a psychic website offering a wide variety of divinatory services, based on a monthly membership fee. We have checked their site and found it quite impressive. This is high pay-out program, with a wide range of affiliate links, among them the very popular free content link of their Daily Horoscope, which we also use on our site. 

Self-Help & Spiritual Development

The Life Of Learning Foundation
Visit guyfinley.com

Life of Learning is a nonprofit organization founded by best-selling author Guy Finley. Its foremost purpose is to help individuals realize their True Relationship with Life through higher self-studies. Click the banner above to visit the site and learn more about the products and services offered.

As an affiliate:

  • You receive 20% of qualifying revenues from each first-time sale made to each visitor referred through your site.

  • You receive 10% of qualifying revenues from all subsequent sales beyond the first-time sale made to each of your referred visitors. (This is a lifetime commission structure!)

  • You receive 15% of the commissions paid to any 2nd-tier affiliate who you refer into our Program. Your 2nd-tier affiliates are those guyfinley.com affiliates who signed-up for the Program after clicking on one of your special sign-up links.

Sign Up for 'The Life of Learning Foundation' Affiliate Program


ConsciousOne invites you to become part of the growing worldwide community interested in personal growth, health and healing, enlightened spirituality, self-help and self discovery. You are a vital part of the community whose site and contacts are interested in improving their lives, and improving the lives of those around them.

Through its development of rich online courses that lead the members step by step through the learning process, ConsciousOne delivers a unique educational experience for those interested in improving their lives in profound ways.

By partnering with ConsciousOne, and promoting these life affirming courses by well known and inspiring authors and teachers on your site and to your contacts, you will be abundantly rewarded for the people you refer to us who purchase courses and other products that are currently in development. This is a win-win-win marketing arrangement for all of us! 

The program is simple. Sign up here as a ConsciousOne partner and when you send people to the ConsciousOne.com site through a link from your website or email or online newsletter, you'll receive:

20% commission on every product sale whether your visitor buys right away or up to 3 months later
5% commission on every reorder
PLUS 5% commission on sales made by additional partners you introduce to the partner program!
You will receive monthly payment for all your earnings (after achieving a minimum earned of $20) -Payment by cheque or by PayPal.

In order to make the program as easy to succeed with as possible, we will provide you with:

Many different kinds of high quality gorgeous product images and marketing materials all pre-coded with your unique tracking ID
Professional marketing support for promoting ConsciousOne in your emails or on your website
Your own personal administration area to see your earnings, stats and sales in real time
Training in online marketing techniques

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The Goals Guy

The Goals Guy offers tele-seminars, training, CD's, ebooks & videos. When offering Goals Guy products via y our website: 

  • You'll earn 15% to 50% first tier commissions on all sales generated from your site. 

  • You'll earn 5% second tier commissions on all sales generated from your customers.

  • You'll earn lifetime commissions - your customers are yours for life. 

  • You can sell multiple products and services from FIVE world-class websites, all with one affiliate ID. 

  • You'll become part of the magic. As an affiliate, you'll be a marketing partner of the world's premier company in the field of personal development.

Sign Up for the GoalsGuy Affiliate Program


Mind  Tools

Mind Tools outlines important life and career skills in easy to understand language. These are supported by simple examples and exercises that expand and reinforce your understanding. Backed by Mind Tools, discover the essential skills and techniques that help you excel in your career - whatever your profession. Visitors Learn personal effectiveness, goal setting, and stress management. Further, discover techniques that improve creativity, assist problem solving, organize time and deadlines, and improve your memory.

The Mind Tools affiliate program offers you a 25% commission on all sales of Mind Tools products that originate from your web site and newsletters. For example, each time one of your readers buys a copy of the Stress Management Masterclass selling at US$19.99, you will earn $5.00.

These are 'lifetime' commissions - when your readers visit either the Stress Management Masterclass page or the Mind Tools Affiliate Referral Page, a cookie is placed on their PC. For as long as that cookie lasts (or up to 365 days), any sale of Mind Tools products or services will be credited to your account.

In addition,  you will be paid a 12.5% commission for every sale made by a sub-affiliate referred by you. 


Sign Up for Mind Tools Affiliate Program

mp3Motivators - Download & Listen to the Best Success Classics

Lifetime Commissions on FOUR different sites with one affiliate number, regardless of the site your customer was referred to first.  mp3Motivators'  two-tier program means you collect lifetime commissions on the sales of the affiliates you refer as well.
  • 15% First Tier Commission Rate
  • 5% Second Tier (on your sub-affiliates)
  • Paid Monthly ($24 min. commission)
  • Extra bonuses on some sales
  • Ongoing, lifetime commissions
Site #1
AsAManThinketh.net Talk show host Mike Litman called this "the hottest personal development site on the Internet today," and for good reason. Almost 30,000 subscribers in just the first 10 months.  Great eBook sales of popular and classic personal development books. 
Site #2
mp3Motivators.com Let superstars like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor and John Maxwell drive your clickthrough rate through the ceiling.  Outstanding mp3 audio downloads and a great average sale.
Site #3
Goals2003.com - A Group Coaching Program to Help Participants Define the Life They Want and Create the Plan to Get It.   One of the hits of the 4th quarter selling season and special payouts as high as $87 a sale.
Site #4
JimRohnCoaching.com - Our newest site featuring world-class coaching in association with the Dean of Personal Development Trainers.  Minimum $30 commission on every referral!

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myGoals.com is the  Web's leading site for setting and managing all of your personal and professional goals. This site caters to many audiences and once you sign up as an affiliate and start tracking the traffic you sent from your site to theirs, you will see that this site is extremely popular. With MyGoals.com you earn recurring commissions for your and your sub-affiliate sales.


SpiritualMinds.Com Affiliate Program

SpiritualMinds.com is online community for spiritually minded people offering articles, products and a spiritual directory. 

The Self-Confidence Affiliate Program

One of the best affiliate programs in the field of spiritual development, offered by Self-confidence.co.uk. The great power of this program lies in the combination of a free email course and a reasonably priced product, which encourages many to purchase it after they have finished the email course - if not now, then later and you will still get the credit - they have an amazing cookie duration of 3  years. 

Higher Awareness Affiliate Program

Higher Awareness offer spiritual tools and tips for personal growth as well as email coaching. They have a good variety of links you can use on your site including articles, and a very attractive commission rate of up to 30%. Besides products, Higher Awareness offers users a membership program, meaning you can earn a residual monthly income.

Spiritual Software 

The Wild Divine Project

The Journey to Wild Divine: The first in a series of 'Inner-Active' computer adventures that uses biofeedback to create a truly enlightening experience for the mind and body. Using the power of your thoughts, feelings, breath and awareness, The Journey promotes mind/body health to achieve:

* Deeper meditation
* Reduced stress and anxiety
* Enhanced creativity and intuition
* Improved mental and physical performance

As an affiliate, you receive a 12% sales commission on your sales and a 2% sales commission on sub-affiliates (2nd tier) sales! Sign up now!

Tarot, Runes & Numerology

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle is not responsible, in any way for the content of the above listed website, nor do we necessarily endorse all content displayed by these sites. In addition, any details listed here with regards to commission rates of the above programs are for information only and remain at the sole discretion of each merchant, who can choose to change rates at any given time. The Aumara Light & Healing Circle cannot  and will not be held responsible if any of the info given above is incorrect.

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