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'We must remember that all the words we use are but cloaks to cover and render recognizable to each other a certain thought vibration. When I say the word 'hate', it is a sound whereby I can convey to you the thought-vibration of hate. When I say 'truth', I am trying to convey to your mind the thought-vibration of that which is exactly true.

Therefore the mind in prayer can take a word in which to clothe the thought-desire of the heart.

The covetous or needy man will have in his mind's eye all the things that money can buy ... he will take the word 'riches' to clothe the thought-desire of his heart. He will probably pray for riches. But if the soul has a longing for truth, he will take, perhaps, the word 'wisdom' as covering most nearly all that he means in his heart and mind in his longing for truth. This man will pray then for wisdom.

In setting the word 'wisdom' into his prayerful mind and using the creative God-effort within his heart, he will send out from himself vibrations sympathetic to the inflow of the first grains of Wisdom.  Which grains, by the way, are as innumerable as grains of sand, so how can this one contain all Wisdom?

But if he aspire towards Wisdom with faith, with humility, and with the sincere desire of his heart, then by the Law he will receive such Wisdom as he can hold. And as he aspires, so will he increase his capacity, so will more Wisdom flow into him.

I have said this about the use of words in prayer to show you that words are only useful in so far as they serve to focus the desire of the heart onto one particular mental vibration. When that vibration has been struck, the word can be forgotten, so long as the thought vibration be held. This is the reason for Eastern adepts making use of what are known as 'mantra', or the reiteration of certain words or phrases which strike for them the thought vibration that they want to hold.

Phrases from the Bible or from the Psalms serve as 'mantra'. They carry within them a verbal rendering of the vibrational level of mind that the writer had struck when he shaped the words. The reader or repeater of them catches, as it were, the vibrational radiation of the man's mind whose devoutness framed those words.'

~The Wisdom of the Spirit~

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