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For over 20 years, William Meader has been a student and teacher of Esoteric Psychology. Central to his teaching is an exploration of the many facets of spiritual psychology as conveyed within a theosophical framework. His efforts represent an amalgamation of subjects central to a progressive spirituality. Such topics as the psychology of the soul, esoteric astrology/cosmology, and the creative magic of the soul are the cornerstones of his work. His passion is to teach people the deeper implications of modern spiritual development, and the means to more effectively express the soul in the outer world. William's work is international in scope, and has gained widespread recognition.

In addition to his spiritual interests, William has an advanced degree in the behavioral sciences, and has had several years experience as a psychology professor in California. Much of this work is centered upon the transpersonal aspects of human consciousness. Having received a university degree in Business Management, he also has experience as a business educator, offering a variety of staff development seminars and workshops to the business community. William is regularly teaching and lecturing in the United States, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand. He currently lives in California.

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The Sonata of the Master Musician
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on November 22, 2004
Sound gives birth to all that is. It is the power behind existence itself, and the universe is merely its outer effect. At first glance this may seem a strange notion. Yet, within Christian theology we are told that creation came forth in response to the “Word.” In the East we are given to understand that Brahman sang the universe into existence. Both these mythological views hearken to the same notion. That is, that God gave birth to existence through the power of sacred sound. No other notion is as important in the understanding of human existence than this idea. If sound is the creative force behind all things, then humanity’s use of it must be examined in this light. It suggests that the words we use and the music we create has far greater implications than normally conceived.
Science - The Sword That Divides
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on November 15, 2004
Without science, humanity’s spiritual transformation is impossible. Science is the institution within society that sharpens our understanding of reality. Through science, humanity gradually learns to see the world with eyes that are no longer prone to distorted perception. Whether speaking of an individual or humanity as a whole, such clarity of thought is a prerequisite to further evolution and eventual enlightenment. Though science has not yet matured to the point where it understands its spiritual role, its destiny is deeply spiritual and essential. 
Spiritual Creativity - The Soul of Business
Published at eSpiritCenter-Workplace Spirituality on November 7, 2004
Business is an expression of divinity. Given the fact that much criticism can be directed toward the business world, such a statement may seem reckless, even blasphemous. Yet, when business is understood within an esoteric framework, its sacredness becomes clear. Business is a living organism, and because of this, its hallowed status is guaranteed. For that which lives is always an expression of divinity. It is from this premise that this article is based.
We shall examine the deeper livingness expressed through the world of business and commerce. In truth, without a business aspect to our existence, our species could not evolve.
Spiritual Creativity - The Art of White Magic
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on October 25, 2004
What is spiritual creativity? Naturally, there are many answers to this question. The answer that I would like to suggest is that it represents any creative expression that supports the evolution of spirit. Within the Esoteric Philosophy, the urge to create is a fundamental feature inherent in all aspects of creation. Whether discussing the creative potential existing within a human being, or the creative drive found within the ensouling life of an entire solar system, the esoteric tradition maintains that all grades of life are characteristically creative.
The Spiritual Kingdom - The Prodigal Son Returns
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on October 18, 2004
Entrance into the spiritual kingdom is a triumphant moment in the soul’s long evolutionary journey. For aeons, the spirit struggles to evolve through the four lower kingdoms in nature (mineral, plant, animal and human). When it finally arrives in the human kingdom, life begins its inward turn (introspection), and the inner self is eventually discovered. Then, toward the end of the human experience, a faint stirring begins to be sensed deep within one’s consciousness. It is an inner expansiveness, profoundly impersonal, and seems transcendent to all that was believed to be real. Integration into this transcendent state is what earns one the right of passage into the next tier of existence, the spiritual kingdom.
The Human Kingdom - Life Discovers Itself
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on October 11, 2004
I Am! No other assertion is as revealing of human existence as this. Such words represent the true mantram of human experience, for it is in the human kingdom that evolving life first develops the capacity to know itself. The evolutionary journey is vast, lasting countless millions of years. Before incarnating as human beings, each of us lived for aeons within the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms of life. These domains of existence were important to us, for they each provided essential substructures for the evolution of consciousness. As such, life within each kingdom confers evolutionary gifts.
The Animal Kingdom - A Legacy Still Inwardly Sensed
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on October 4, 2004
All life evolves, and does so through categories of form. This is an idea central to the esoteric understanding of Creation. The miraculous achievements of the mind have emerged only because the foundation of human consciousness was built long ago, when life was lived within mineral, plant and animal forms. Each of these three kingdoms of nature contributed to the development of various attributes of consciousness that we, as human beings, now take for granted. Yet, it is our ancient experience within the animal kingdom that is most apparent, for the legacy of our animal past is still clearly felt within each of us.
The Plant Kingdom - The Root of Mystical Yearning
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on September 28, 2004
Life manifests as form. When looking at creation, there is perhaps no idea more fundamental than this. As we look out at the world we see that living forms abound. Yet do we really consider the splendor of this fact, and the evolutionary necessity that gives rise to these forms? And do we realize that the great drama of evolution is unfolding before our eyes through the various kingdoms of nature? Perhaps most pervasive and spiritual revealing is the array of plant life present all around us. As with all kingdoms in nature, the plant kingdom is a domain of existence that offers amazing opportunity for the evolution of life. 
The Mineral World - Our Forgotten Ancestry
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on September 20, 2004
For more than a century, learned scientists have informed us that humanity emerged from the animal kingdom through the processes of evolution. Though some differences do exist, the Esoteric Philosophy is generally in agreement with this notion. However, esotericism goes on to say that our animal relatives are not our most distant kin, but instead our closest. Though our mammalian or reptilian friends do represent previous stages in human development, it is the mineral kingdom that is the domain of our most distance ancestry and origin.
Crisis And Transition: The Soul's Gesture For Liberation
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on September 12, 2004
Spiritual development is always founded upon the principle of transition. Life is ever in a condition of change and movement. This is true whether we are referring to the life of a human being, a blade of grass, or the Being that ensouls our solar system. All categories of life are subject to endless movement from one condition of existence to another. In truth, transition is an inescapable aspect of life, for it is a function of evolution itself. From the human perspective, the understanding of transition, its nature and challenge, is crucial to continued spiritual development.
Dreams, As Revealer And Deceiver
Published at eSpiritCenter-Dreams & Dreamwork on September 6, 2004
The subject of dreams has captured human imagination for aeons of time. For long humanity has sought the significance of dreams, believing such nightly images to be keys that reveal the deeper meaning of life, both from a psychological and spiritual perspective. In recent years much effort and speculation has gone into understanding the symbolic clues to dream imagery. Within each of us is a yearning to know precisely what these nocturnal apparitions mean, and in what way they can be utilized in the facilitation of one's growth.
In The Name of Light
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on August 28, 2004
What is light? This question is crucial to anyone living a life dedicated to the soul and its fuller expression. Light is a term used in most spiritual traditions to depict the nature of divinity, both within oneself and within the entirety of creation. We often find ourselves describing divinity in terms of the "light of God". Such a description is of enormous value to any person seeking to establish a closer union with the Divine, for to deepen this union inevitably involves the recognition of spiritual light. 
Esoteric Astrology - The Revealer of Soul's Intention
Published at eSpiritCenter-Astrology on August 20, 2004
When walking upon the spiritual path, understanding the motives and intentions of the Soul is paramount. In fact, it can be proclaimed that living a spiritual life is based upon the conviction that the Higher Self (Soul) seeks to guide us along a particular path of development. Its light radiates through us, and by so doing, prompts us to conform to its divine purpose and plan. Yet, by what means does one find this beacon of guiding light from the Soul? In what way are we certain that the path upon which we place our feet is true to the Soul and its intentions?
The Seven Rays of Divine Manifestation
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on August 12, 2004
Who am I? Strangely, this powerful question is one that seems difficult to fully answer. It is a question that is asked by each of us, either consciously or unconsciously, every day of our lives. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that all aspects of life are arenas wherein we seek answers to this question. Though sometimes difficult to recognize, our personal relationships, the career path we follow, and the beliefs we hold to be true, are all unconscious attempts at answering this perplexing question. Who am I? When looked at from a spiritual perspective, it is the search for the Soul that is our quest. But how do we recognize the Soul within?
Spiritual Purification And The Burning Ground
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on August 5, 2004
Within most spiritual systems the importance of purification is clearly emphasized. For centuries humanity has been taught that, through various purificatory practices, the light of God will make entrance into one's life. As such, purification is understood as a force capable of invoking divine light by creating a pure instrument through which God may work. Within the Esoteric Tradition, such practices are also viewed as essential. However, while it considers the usual ideas of purification to be true, it also states that full purification requires many incarnations to achieve, and is the mark of true and lasting enlightenment.
Spiritual Initiation - Milestones To Enlightenment
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on July 29, 2004
The journey to enlightenment is one governed by initiation. This is a fact often overlooked by those who yearn for spiritual growth. In the Esoteric Tradition, the study of spiritual initiation is a cornerstone of inquiry. To understand it is to grasp the requirements for walking the Path with greater comprehension and assurance. Often people hold the view that enlightenment is a state of consciousness suggesting spiritual perfection, and freedom from further incarnational life. From one perspective this is true. Enlightenment can be viewed as a final consummation.
Stepping Into The Dark
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on July 24, 2004
To walk the occult path is often a journey filled with uncertainty. In some sense, it is a choice akin to traveling in the darkness of night. Sometimes its difficult to live a life where one is committed to the Hierarchy, while at the same time feeling ambivalent regarding what to do next in the service of the Plan. Comparatively, the everyday decisions seem to come much easier. Perhaps this is because these sorts of decisions have a greater degree of predictability to them. In any event, decisions that relate to modes of service are usually quite obscure and varied.
The Evolution of Unity
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on July 19, 2004
Spiritual evolution represents the gradual realization of an inner unity existing within all things. This is a principle foundational to the ageless wisdom tradition. It states that creation itself is simply One Life evolving through the diversity of outer forms found within creation. From a Western perspective, this One Life is called God, and in the East it is most often proclaimed as Brahman. This ancient principle suggests that the endless differentiations found within the universe are the outward expression of God evolving through diversity, the One manifesting through the many.
The Soul - A Gift From Heavens
Published at eSpiritCenter-General Spirituality on July 14, 2004
The quality of soulfulness exists within everything that is, whether large and small. Within the Esoteric Tradition it has long been understood that soul is something innate within all grades of life. This is true whether speaking of the life of a human being, a blade of grass, or the life that ensouls the entire solar system. All are essentially soulful. Though it is fascinating to consider the soul found within greater and lesser forms of life, in this writing we shall confine our discussions to the human soul. 
The New Group of World Servers
Published at eSpiritCenter-Global Awareness on July 11, 2004
Service is the hallmark of the Age of Aquarius. As humanity moves into this new and dawning era, service is understood more broadly than it has been in the past. No longer is it exclusively directed to giving assistance to those most in need. Instead, service is understood as inclusive of all events and circumstance. The Aquarian Age advocates the notion that all situations are opportunities where service can be rendered.

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